White rhino enjoying long grass

WHITE RHINO ENJOYING LONG GRASS The white rhino is a grazer unlike the only other protected South African species of rhino that is known as the black rhino. This beautiful rhino’s magnificent horn is hidden by the long grass. The white rhino is not named after its colour although it does enjoy wallowing in mud and it is thought that … Read More

Spoonbill just landed!

Spoonbill just landed in Hluhluwe Park With welcomed new rainfall we saw this spoonbill that had just landed – luckily finding at last some water in Hluhluwe Park from the latest rains. Spoonbills feed by swaying their flat spoon shaped beaks from side to side in shallow water and mud to capture small fish and amphibians. Spoonbills need to feed … Read More

Rhino interacts with hippo – Elephant Coast

Rhino and hippo often use the same water source in the Elephant Coast and it is inevitable that they will have close encounters with one another. It has been reported that skirmishes have occurred but that hippo seem to win the fight for territory with rhino backing off. However others have observed that at times they tolerate and perhaps even … Read More

Hippo – largest mouth of land mammals

Hippo have one of the largest mouths of any land mammal. A hippo’s large mouth is mostly used for feeding on reeds and water plants. Surprisingly for a vegetarian it has the largest mouth of any land mammal. Occasionally hippo may feed on a carcass but their main diet classifies them as herbivores. Their name originally from Greek means “river … Read More

Sweet little red duiker

Sweet little red duiker – he comes to feed on the fallen sausage tree flowers outside my office each evening. Photo taken through the glass of my window. One of the beautiful aspects of living in the elephant coast.

Matilda – Hluhluwe’s most famous Black Rhino

Animal Celebrities: “Matilda” – Black Rhino Bull – (1870-1951) – Hluhluwe’s most famous Black Rhino fondly named “Waltzing Matilda” The Tale of Matilda Following in the footsteps of Huberta the Hippo’s epic 1928-1931 journey, which had created worldwide publicity for Zululand’s game reserves, the next animal celebrity to become a visitors favourite and make international headlines was the one-horned Black … Read More

Lodge Accommodation, South Africa

Leopard Walk Lodge is situated in Hluhluwe, on one of South Africa’s most spectacular eco-tourism regions, The Elephant Coast of Zululand, on the North East Coast of South Africa. Guests looking for somewhere to stay in Hluhluwe can find pristine and unique accommodation at Leopard Walk Lodge. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and leave relaxed, happy with your choice …