Hippo – largest mouth of land mammals

Hippo have one of the largest mouths of any land mammal.

A hippo’s large mouth is mostly used for feeding on reeds and water plants. Surprisingly for a vegetarian it has the largest mouth of any land mammal.


Occasionally hippo may feed on a carcass but their main diet classifies them as herbivores. Their name originally from Greek means “river horse” but it has previously thought to be closely related to a pig. Latest research however shows a close link to a whale. Their average lifespan is up to 40 years.

Hippo have been thought to sweat blood but the red substance on their skin is actually a sort of sun block that is excreted. A baby hippo is able to suckle on land or under water. Quite amazing mammals they abound in the Elephant Coast surrounding Leopard Walk Lodge.

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