Muzi Pan canoeing on the river with Hippos and Crocs

Adventure Canoeing during your trip to South Africa

Not too far away from Leopard Walk Lodge lies the Muzi Pan, a pristine wetlands area where you can canoe up the river, alongside waterbirds like African Jacanas, Whistling Ducks, Storks, or glide silently past hippos and crocodiles. Where it’s more prudent, you’ll approach these dangerous animals slowly on foot.

Your qualified tour guide, Themba, knows this area extremely well and offers a cultural interpretation of the surrounding, nature and wildlife.

It’s fascinating to learn how the Zulu communities live alongside this beautiful Pan and utilize the natural resources. For instance, the video shows how they make use of the water lily stems for food, fun and drinking water.

We’re actively promoting Themba because his tour is unique and he is passionate about the area. He gives his community a percentage of his earnings, which encourages other people to become involved in Eco-tourism and provides a much-needed source of income.

It’s a win-win situation for our guests, wildlife, the environment and for the Zulu communities.

Feel free to read more about our work with local communities on the Suni-Ridge.Org.ZA website.

Special Occassion

  • This is a great adventure for honeymooners
  • Previous guests have chosen Muzi Pan as the backdrop for their wedding
  • Other romantics have chosen this adventure for their marriage proposal, being careful not to drop the engagement ring in the water
  • Also great for active people who’re celebrating their wedding anniversary
  • Which special occasion would you like to celebrate?


Challenge your senses with Wildlife and Nature

Weather permitting, we’ll arrange the canoeing on your behalf during your stay with us. Click on the link below to check availability / book accommodation at Leopard Walk Lodge and mention that you’d like to book the Muzi Pan canoeing.