Orange Tip butterfly

Orange Tip Butterfly The Orange Tip Butterfly  is often seen around our Wildlife Reserve during May.  Our area is known to support some of the most diverse species of butterflies that occur in South Africa. It is really a paradise for those who enjoy observing and photographing them.  More than 100 species occur in our region. Visitors will also enjoy … Read More

Four Toed Elephant Shrew (four toes stegi)

Four Toed Elephant Shrew How exciting. For the first time in ages I saw a four-toed elephant shrew on my hike.(not my photo…) He ran across the path very quickly! Also known as-Four toed sengi they are amazing little animals rare red data species that we are pleased to protect at Leopard Walk Lodge Reserve. They have just four toes … Read More

Hidden Gem

Have you seen this Hidden Gem? For those who love to lounge in Africa’s armchair Leopard Walk Lodge is a traveler’s barefooted dream of natural luxury and commanding tranquility where diverse wildlife and more than 350 bird species are relaxed for viewing as the Reserve is a haven where no hunting is allowed. As compassionate animal lovers, the owners have … Read More

Tunga Studio

Unity through TUNGA an exceptionally inspiring project: Close to Leopard Walk Lodge, a wonderful project has been established by Beulah Meintjies, Known as Tunga; which means needlework in isiZulu. The inspiration of this project has been knitting a community closer together, creating art and improving lives. Tunga studio currently works with over 30 local Zulu artists Beulah welcomes visitors from … Read More

The Mocker Swallowtail

Hundreds of butterflies were out in our sand forest yesterday enjoying the hot sultry atmosphere. This species, the Mocker Swallowtail is known as one of the most interesting butterflies in the world as the females are masters of disguise. They mimic various other inedible butterflies to protect themselves against predators. Photo by Janet Cuthberson

30 reasons to visit South Africa

Leopard Walk Lodge is happy to be featured, on the “30 reasons to visit South Africa” page, on Travelground. Our Zebra kisses photo has qualified!

Rhino Mud Bath

We watched this rhino drinking water. He then he settled down into a cool mud bath to ward off ticks and other insects – I (Janet) captured the photo on an interesting game drive with Leopard Walk Lodge.

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” May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches, Today, tomorrow and beyond. ” Irish Blessing. Coast of Purple Tip        Boysduval:s False Acraea        Smoky Orange Tip Photos  taken at Leopard Walk Lodge by Janet Cuthbertson What does a :  Zulu, playboy, … Read More