Buffalo interlock horns

BUFFALO INTERLOCK HORNS. These two strong buffalo bulls were focused on testing each other’s strength in Hluhluwe Park. In Hluhluwe Buffalo are easily seen in large numbers where they love to wallow in the mud around water holes, or graze nearby to water. The African buffalo is a very strong animal and it has a stocky body with an adult … Read More

Best of KZN

Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal   Our Leopard Walk Lodge leopard logo is on front page of Best of KZN and beyond. We are featured in the Zululand section. (credit to Saurabh Desai for our beautiful leopard photo)    

Tunga Studio

Unity through TUNGA an exceptionally inspiring project: Close to Leopard Walk Lodge, a wonderful project has been established by Beulah Meintjies, Known as Tunga; which means needlework in isiZulu. The inspiration of this project has been knitting a community closer together, creating art and improving lives. Tunga studio currently works with over 30 local Zulu artists Beulah welcomes visitors from … Read More

Pelican in flight

Yesterday we visited False Bay Park, our World Natural Heritage Site, which is “right on our doorstep”. The endless lake and ancient sand forest is amazing. I photographed this lone pelican flying against the wind. It was strange to see his feathers on the tip of his wings spread out like a hand. Indeed, a birds wings are his hands … Read More

Giraffe relaxing in the sun

These two beautiful giraffe were spotted resting together – on a game drive in Hluhluwe Park with Leopard Walk Lodge. It was unusual to observe as giraffe are mostly viewed while they stand tall with their heads between the tree tops.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb Visit to Leopard Walk Lodge

Leopard Walk Lodge was honored to host Daniel Gottlieb Ph. D from USA, who is an Internationally acclaimed author and recognized mental health expert, practicing psychologist and family therapist, talk show host and a sought after speaker on family and social issues including the well being of communities. After a near-fatal accident rendered him paralyzed and as a person who … Read More

Anti-poaching Bateleurs: Preventing rhino and other poaching in Elephant Coast

The Bateleurs provides an aviation service to environmentalists throughout Southern Africa. The United Nations Millenium Goals lists ‘Ensuring Environmental Sustainability’ as one of its eight key initiatives for 2015. Two of these targets are directly related to The Bateleurs’ mission: integrating the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes to reverse the loss of environmental resources; and achieving … Read More

Leopard Viewing

This amazing photo was captured at the BIG FIVE Hluhluwe Game Reserve during one of our game drives which are available for our guests. Leopard often move their kill into a tree in order to keep their meal away from other hungry predators.   In this photo, taken by Linda Gaulke, you can see the Hyena trying to steal the kill. Game drives to Hluhluwe Game … Read More

Matilda – Hluhluwe’s most famous Black Rhino

Animal Celebrities: “Matilda” – Black Rhino Bull – (1870-1951) – Hluhluwe’s most famous Black Rhino fondly named “Waltzing Matilda” The Tale of Matilda Following in the footsteps of Huberta the Hippo’s epic 1928-1931 journey, which had created worldwide publicity for Zululand’s game reserves, the next animal celebrity to become a visitors favourite and make international headlines was the one-horned Black … Read More

Guided Bush Walk, Hluhluwe

Your visit to Leopard Walk Lodge will bring you to one of South Africa’s most spectacular eco-tourism regions, The Elephant Coast of Zululand, on the North East Coast of South Africa. There are unique opportunities to observe and photograph a wide variety of wild animals and birds. The Reserve is home to numerous bird species, red data mammal species and … Read More