Buffalo interlock horns


These two strong buffalo bulls were focused on testing each other’s strength in Hluhluwe Park. In Hluhluwe Buffalo are easily seen in large numbers where they love to wallow in the mud around water holes, or graze nearby to water. The African buffalo is a very strong animal and it has a stocky body with an adult weighing up to 1000 pounds (450kg).

One of the buffalo’s beautiful characteristics is its set of very large horns that fuse at the base of the head. These horns form a continuous shield made of bone and it is known as a “boss”. At six years of age the buffalo’s horns can be fully grown. They are smaller in a cow a bull. A bull’s horns can measure up to one meter in width! Young male buffalo, like most antelope, tend to jest with practice fights with their horns, learning in this way to gain strength and dominance. Visitors to Leopard Walk Lodge may enjoy excursions through Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park in open game drive vehicles with qualified guides to ensure the best viewing and experience of this wonderful park during their visit.

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