Serrated Hinged Terrapin.


We were excited to find this serrated hinged terrapin at Leopard Walk Lodge. This species of terrapin is one of the largest of its particular genus and it can grow up to 55cm. The female lays up to 30 eggs and even with the drought, it appears that the species has survived – they live both in and out of water and they are inclined to migrate over land during rainy seasons. We assume that this is why our terrapin was seen some distance from water.

The serrated hinged terrapin’s diet is mainly from aquatic sources, where they will eat small fish, snails, crabs, frogs , fledgling birds and and even floating fruit that may fall into the water from overhanging trees.

The species is not under risk and is relatively common. Perhaps the fact that it emits a nasty small from its shell when captured, is a deterrent to potential poaching.

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