Serrated Hinged Terrapin.

SERRATED HINGED TERRAPIN: We were excited to find this serrated hinged terrapin at Leopard Walk Lodge. This species of terrapin is one of the largest of its particular genus and it can grow up to 55cm. The female lays up to 30 eggs and even with the drought, it appears that the species has survived – they live both in … Read More

Water Mongoose

(Atilax paludinosus) Water mongoose are solitary, adept at digging and are good swimmers. They have well-developed cheek teeth for crushing crabs and beetles. Water mongoose emit a strong scent from an anal gland when disturbed. Additionally this gland is used to mark territories.


(Phacochoerus aethiopicus) Warthogs – gregarious, diurnal living in abandoned aardvark holes during the night, which they enter backwards as an escape and protective measure. They are fond of wallowing and rubbing mud-covered bodies on stumps, rocks and trunks of trees. Warthog have a habit of rooting for grass rhizomes which is usually, in many instances, the start of a wallow.