Viewing of iconic Rhino

White rhino mother with young:

Rhino are a special ancient species that are highly protected. They are seen in secure Parks and are guarded in various ways to ensure that our Natural Heritage is not lost. The rhino of Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park were some of the few that remained after the demise of the many that were historically to be found throughout Africa. It was from the offspring of the small group of Imfolozi white and black rhino, that those seen in many areas today across Africa, were distributed.

                        White rhino mother with young

Rhino had previously been extinct from most of their range due to hunting and poaching. The quest to protect and increase the range of rhino continues against many challenges. They are some of the most ancient and important species that our children have the right to inherit. These beautiful iconic and ancient animals must be protected in perpetuity.

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