The arrival of Spring


Spring has arrived with all its beauty. The budding trees turn emerald green as their new leaves unfold to create circles of bright green light in the forest amongst the grey tinge of the bush that is leftover from the dry winter months.
Our forest has many secrets with its amazing biodiversity that includes more than 56 different tree species along our hiking trail and many more others in the rest of the reserve.

One of the tree species, the monkey orange (Strychnos spinose) is well known for its fruit.
It has a large round fruit similar in size to a large orange. But it has a bark-like cover that has to be cracked open to expose its fruit that is enjoyed by people as well as wildlife.

The secret of this fruit is its beautiful aroma and properties that cause it to act as a wonderful air freshener. Place one in your room or in your vehicle and you would be able to enjoy its beautiful lavender/vanilla aromatherapy that lasts for at least 1 month.

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