Lion Photography during game drive

LION PHOTOGRAPHY GAME DRIVE During our game drives with Leopard Walk Lodge at Hluhluwe Park we have found the lion photography has been exceptionally good. This beautiful male was spotted not far from Hilltop Camp and we were lucky to catch him during his lazy time as he yawned and yawned even wider again!

Spoonbill just landed!

Spoonbill just landed in Hluhluwe Park With welcomed new rainfall we saw this spoonbill that had just landed – luckily finding at last some water in Hluhluwe Park from the latest rains. Spoonbills feed by swaying their flat spoon shaped beaks from side to side in shallow water and mud to capture small fish and amphibians. Spoonbills need to feed … Read More

Elephant protecting babies Hluhluwe

Elephant protect babies as they cross the road in Hluhluwe Park Elephant have close emotional ties in their social groups where they carefully protect their babies. See the tiny baby in the right side of the photo where it is hidden by the adults of the herd. They were crossing the road near the memorial gate entrance at Hluhluwe Game … Read More