Leopard Spotting!

The night before last, a beautiful leopard walked across our lawn and into our sand forest at Leopard Walk Lodge. It was graceful and regal. Unfortunately we did not have a camera on hand to capture the amazing predator. He ran away swiftly as he was seen; as Leopards are generally very shy animals. Leopard often pass through our Reserve … Read More

Red Duiker

(Cephalophus natalensis)   Red duiker live solitarily in dense forest and thickets. They defecate in communal middens and are probably territorial. They make a loud sneezing noise that might be an alarm signal. They eat fresh leaves, forbs and fallen fruit. Red dyiker are a protected red data species that have lost large amounts of habitat to agriculture.  At Leopard … Read More


 (Tragelaphus angasii)  Visitors to Leopard Walk Lodge often enjoy viewing Nyala . This is one of the most beautiful antelope species that is to be found in South Africa. In fact, it is right in the environs where we are situated at false Bay Park (which now forms part of the Isimangaliso World Natural Heritage Site)  where European scientists first … Read More