Beautiful male Leopard recently spotted

Beautiful male leopard recently seen

This magnificent territorial male was recently seen at Leopard Walk Lodge. It is always exciting to spot a leopard as they tend to be very secretive. Their footprints are often encountered but this one was close to the road and stayed watching as I took a few photos.

Male leopard have large ranges and they often move between various wildlife reserves. They have a number of female mates. Should the male be poached, a new territorial male will move into the range but it would destroy the young of the previous male.

Thus it is important to provide a safe haven for leopard. South African Conservation Authorities have recognized that leopard need to be protected and a ban on hunting was implemented. At our wildlife reserve, where no hunting is permitted, we are proud to provide a haven for numerous antelope, bird, reptile, insect and many other species that ensure a diverse and healthy environment. Included in those who call Leopard Walk Reserve home are 5 different cat species: Caracal, African wildcat, serval, genet and of course our much loved iconic leopard species.

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