Impala Babies 4 months old

Our Impala babies have grown rapidly and are as lovely as ever. At 4 months of age the little ram already has tiny horns. As he matures, the size of his horns will help determine whether he would one day have suitable strength to command a position of territorial bull and thereby sire his own off spring.

4 Months old and growing.

Once the female matures she will join a breeding herd, that may be with her own mother and other female offspring. In the mean time it is fun for them to just be young. They often have a “nursemaid” who is one or another of the females to watch over them, while the other mothers graze nearby. Impala babies show the typical attributes of all young and spend time exploring and playing games, that will help to equip them for adult life’s needs. Young males play in mock fights and all the babies run and prance at times appearing to do so simply because they are experiencing joy!

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