Biodiversity from Butterflies to Hyena

Biodiversity from Butterflies to Hyena. The Female yellow Pansie,Female blue Pansie,Male Orange Tip were all fluttering and settling around the Hyena footprints.

Butterflies and Hyena

A short hike brings an amazing opportunity to experience the biodiversity of Leopard Walk Lodge. The warm humid weather is favoured by butterflies that are all out in abundance. In our environment situated in the environs of False Bay Park of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, we have most variation of species of of these beautiful insects to be found in South Africa. They were some of the many colourflul butterfly species that were seen happily fluttering around and above the hyena foot prints. The hyena was probably resting somewhere in the shade during the warm sultry weather.

The recent visit our our reserve by a pack of protected wild dog species was exciting. Now we have seen that hyena are also around. Leopard also reside and move through the reserve. With more than 5 antelope species, 350 bird species, the list of biodiversity is endless. What a long way we have come since the days when even one foot print attracted our attention on our then newly established wildlife sanctuary.

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