Warthog enjoy staying warm.

Warthog enjoy staying warm! Lying fast asleep next to the bush fire these warthog were obviously enjoying the warmth of the fireside. With humanlike attitudes often less understood! Like many species of mammal they portray many features that prove them to be far more intelligent that may be understood. Warthog also enjoy grooming one another and are social animals living … Read More

Warthog relaxing at fireside

Friendly warthog at fireside. Who would have though that warthog would enjoy the warmth of a fireside?  These friendly animals know how to stay warm during a winter evening!


(Phacochoerus aethiopicus) Warthogs – gregarious, diurnal living in abandoned aardvark holes during the night, which they enter backwards as an escape and protective measure. They are fond of wallowing and rubbing mud-covered bodies on stumps, rocks and trunks of trees. Warthog have a habit of rooting for grass rhizomes which is usually, in many instances, the start of a wallow.