Amazing Camouflage of wildlife

Owl appears to be part of the tree & butterflies & moths sometimes look like an owl. Nature has amazing ways of camouflaging wildlife. This is done to protect the animal from predators. The camouflage us used to either conceal the position or to mimic another species that would not be the natural prey. Common mimics of other species is … Read More

The Mocker Swallowtail

Hundreds of butterflies were out in our sand forest yesterday enjoying the hot sultry atmosphere. This species, the Mocker Swallowtail is known as one of the most interesting butterflies in the world as the females are masters of disguise. They mimic various other inedible butterflies to protect themselves against predators. Photo by Janet Cuthberson


” May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches, Today, tomorrow and beyond. ” Irish Blessing. Coast of Purple Tip        Boysduval:s False Acraea        Smoky Orange Tip Photos  taken at Leopard Walk Lodge by Janet Cuthbertson What does a :  Zulu, playboy, … Read More