Hundreds of Pelican fly over Leopard Walk

Hundreds of Pelican fly over Leopard Walk A sight to heighten your senses happened this morning as hundreds of pelican flew right above leopard walk lodge. They stayed circling for some time, probably assessing our dam as a potential landing spot After some time they headed east and settled downwards to False Bay Park of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park World … Read More

Bush Baby Havoc

Three bush babies were romping on our roof last night! They were jumping back and forth from the palm trees where they are eating the date like fruit. Their call echoes to afar like a young child crying out loudly! Combined with the night sounds of the frogs, nightjars and even the occasional cry of a hyena there is no … Read More


SAND FOREST – A FASCINATING PLANT COMMUNITY AT LEOPARD WALK LODGE. During your stay at Leopard Walk Lodge you will enjoy an opportunity to view the diverse and interesting biodiversity of our sand forest habitat in the Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park Wildlife Reserve that surrounds the lodge.