Rescued Impala baby

We were pleased to be able to rescue a 2 month old impala baby that was somehow separated from her mother from Leopard Walk Lodge’s surroundings. The baby was in the corridor outside our reserve and we managed to herd it through our gate and into a safer zone. Janet spent a few hours observing her movements.
“Eventually I sat down close to her and she lay down too. She was very tired and she tucked her head to the side and slept for a while. Suddenly we heard the wildebeest approaching and they were snorting at us. Although the wildebeest are friendly and know me I moved towards the vehicle and the baby followed. After a short while the nyala also came closer to take a peak at us through the thickets. By then it was getting dark so I had to leave her unfortunately. Late that night, I went to see if she was still in the same area and found her further down fence line fast asleep.
Early the next morning I set up a small capture operation. When I walked near to her, she came up to me calling and had obviously begun to know me. I was tempted to take her back to our home but preferred that she should rather remain with her mother. Baby impala wean only at about 3 to 4 months. We were able to net her and move her back from our Wildlife Reserve to the property where she had escaped and thereby return her to her mother where she would have perfect nourishing milk” – Janet
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