Leguaan – a monitor Lizard

This beautiful water leguaan also known as a monitor lizard,  is often seen at Leopard Walk Lodge although the one in the photo was photographed at Hluhluwe Reserve

Leguaan at Leopard Walk Lodge

              Leguaan at Leopard Walk Lodge


Leguaan also known as Nile monitor lizards are very large lizards and can grow up to 8 ft in size! They are generally harmless to humans although if confronted they may use their strong tails as a manner of protection.

They move quickly when swimming as they are aquatic animals but they are good climbers. As the photo shows their claws are well developed and sharp. Leguaan are able to run very fast on land.   Of interest is that they have tongues that are forked!

Leguaan feed on a variety of small mammals, eggs of crocodiles, snakes insects. There are also other species of monitor lizards found at Leopard Walk Lodge including the tree monitor lizard.

Be sure to bring your camera along should you come to visit, to photograph many of our very interesting species of wildlife!

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