Frog species in our Reserve

Frogs are important indicators of the health of their environments and worldwide, frog populations have been declining markedly. However, recently Sally Reece has identified a large number of frog species in our Reserve.

FROGS IDENTIFIED 27/01/14 – 05/02/14:

1.      Red toad

2.      Common Platanna

3.      Forest Tree frog

4.      Guttural toad

5.      Tinker Reed frog

6.      Painted Reed frog

7.      Bubbling Kassina

8.      Red-legged Kassina

9.      Long Reed frog

10.    Snoring Puddle frog

11.    Foam Nest frog

12.    Mottled Shovel-nosed frog

13.    Eastern Olive toad

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More species that occur in our area:

Common Platanna

Tropical Platanna

Banded Rubber Frog

Red Legged Kassina

Bubbling Kassina

Greater Leaf-folding Frog

Delicate Leaf-folding Frog

Golden Leaf-folding Frog

Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog

Argus Reed Frog

Long Reed Frog

Painted Reed Frog

Waterlily Reed Frog

Tinker Reed Frog

Foam Nest Frog

Bushveld Rain Frog

Mozambique Rain Frog

African Bullfrog

Ornate Frog

Tremelo Sand Frog

Knocking Sand Frog

Natal Sand Frog

Russet-backed Sand Frog

Raucous Toad

Guttural Toad

Eastern Olive Toad

Northern Pigmy Toad

Red Toad

Common River Frog

Plain Grass Frog

Sharp-nosed Grass Frog

Striped Grass Frog

Broad-banded Grass Frog

Mascarene Grass Frog

Dwarf Grass Frog

Common Caco

Snoring Puddle Frog

East African Puddle Frog

Dwarf Puddle Frog


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