Buffalo at Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Buffalo at Hluhluwe Game Reserve are often relaxed for viewing and provide excellent photographic opportunities! Guests visiting Leopard Walk Lodge love the game viewing opportunities we offer to Big Five Hluhluwe Park in open vehicle game drives. They also are able to do self drives to in Hluhluwe Park.

Suni Antelope

Leopard Walk Lodge is home to many different species, a number of which are registered In the Red Data Book, as needing protection without which they could become extinct. One of our favourite animals is the diminutive Suni antelope. It is tiny and very secretive. A newborn Suni could fit into a teacup. Not to be mistaken for the red … Read More

Lioness hunting seen during Game Drive

What an amazing experience to watch two lionesses stalking a young nyala ram. They had their plan well worked out. They approached the nyala that was on the edge of the road, by herding it from both sides of the road, one female each side. He managed to escape and they seemed a little foregone to have missed their prey. … Read More

Monkey on top of the World

The monkey on Top of the World in the early morning of a chilly day hoped to enjoy the first warm rays of the sunrise. He also climbed up high into the marula tree to get a world view across the Reserve and stay safe from any predator. Another benefit would have been for the rest of the troop that … Read More

Do they share wisdom? Aged Nyala and ancient Natal Mahogany tree

An old nyala bull resting peacefully under the ancient natal mahogany tree perhaps shows us how nature may share wisdom. It is proved that trees communicate through intricate underground networks with one another. All things are connected somehow and perhaps the nyala also shared his wisdom with the knarled aged tree in our forest. .

Tortoise first of the season

Exciting find! The season’s first tortoise. Further on the hiking trail, I saw one of the largest monitor lizards scampering away far too quickly for a photo. I was checking footprints to see whether the wild dogs that visited us previously had perhaps sneaked in again, as they have recently been seen not far from our Reserve. Suddenly a little … Read More

The arrival of Spring

17 SEPTEMBER Spring has arrived with all its beauty. The budding trees turn emerald green as their new leaves unfold to create circles of bright green light in the forest amongst the grey tinge of the bush that is leftover from the dry winter months. Our forest has many secrets with its amazing biodiversity that includes more than 56 different … Read More

A walk along our trail

Nyala seen on the trail

It is always exciting to see the sun filtering through a gap in the forest during a hike on our beautiful trail. The nyala standing in the sunshine warming themselves on a cool morning highlighted the ambience of peace and serenity one feels when connecting with nature.

Baby White Rhino suckling.

BABY WHITE RHINO suckling from its mother is a very special sight! The mother would have given birth to this baby after a gestation of about 16 months, almost twice the duration of a human mothers pregnancy. The calf is tiny at birth and remains unsure of its balance for a few days. It usually weighs about 40 kg. The … Read More

Warthog enjoy staying warm.

Warthog enjoy staying warm! Lying fast asleep next to the bush fire these warthog were obviously enjoying the warmth of the fireside. With humanlike attitudes often less understood! Like many species of mammal they portray many features that prove them to be far more intelligent that may be understood. Warthog also enjoy grooming one another and are social animals living … Read More