Yellow billed stork. Guests view some of our region’s 450 bird species.

Yellow billed stork. Guests view some of our region’s 450 bird species. This beautiful Stork is one of the many wetland bird species found in our environs. Adjacent to our reserve is our World Natural Heritage Site, Lake St. Lucia of the Elephant Coast. Here more than 450 bird species are found and it has been recorded that Leopard Walk … Read More

Stunning African Sunrise

Stunning African Sunrise The most stunning African sunrise is seen from our reserve, for those who may wish to enjoy the crisp morning air and hear the fish eagle as he welcomes the dawn, creating an ambience not to be missed!     During this time of day the dawn calls to all the wildlife that would now seek to … Read More

Hundreds of Pelican fly over Leopard Walk

Hundreds of Pelican fly over Leopard Walk A sight to heighten your senses happened this morning as hundreds of pelican flew right above leopard walk lodge. They stayed circling for some time, probably assessing our dam as a potential landing spot After some time they headed east and settled downwards to False Bay Park of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park World … Read More

Spoonbill just landed!

Spoonbill just landed in Hluhluwe Park With welcomed new rainfall we saw this spoonbill that had just landed – luckily finding at last some water in Hluhluwe Park from the latest rains. Spoonbills feed by swaying their flat spoon shaped beaks from side to side in shallow water and mud to capture small fish and amphibians. Spoonbills need to feed … Read More

Rescued Yellow Rumped Tinkerbird

This afternoon we rescued a little yellow rumped tinkerbird. The branch that its nest was in fell down and the other little fledgling had died. We tried to leave this one for its mother to find and feed to no avail so we are now feeding it with a dropper. They are fruit eaters. Thanks to CROW for their after … Read More