Baby Wildebeest

Baby Wildebeest are the cutest new born animals at Leopard Walk Lodge. These appear to be twins but they each have a separate mother although they were born on the same day.

They seem to be twins.

They are both still nursing on their mothers and at times stay with one of the two mothers together. It is not clear if she nurses both as they look so much alike! When the weather is cooler and especially when it rains, they seem to be happy and they run round and round, just for fun. They also appear to be doing dressage, lifting their legs up high as they trot to imitate the adults when they are “pranking”

At birth baby wildebeest are almost white in colour and this gradually changes to grey then to grey/brown and black. They form part of a large herd and are relaxed for viewing on Leopard Walk Lodge wildlife Sanctuary.

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