Yellow billed stork. Guests view some of our region’s 450 bird species.

Yellow billed stork. Guests view some of our region’s 450 bird species. This beautiful Stork is one of the many wetland bird species found in our environs. Adjacent to our reserve is our World Natural Heritage Site, Lake St. Lucia of the Elephant Coast. Here more than 450 bird species are found and it has been recorded that Leopard Walk … Read More

Baboon Mother and Child – Ecology

The baboon mother and child are closely bonded with the mother being ever watchful over her baby. Although we do not have a resident troop of baboons on Leopard Walk Lodge from time a lone male would be passing through our reserve. Baboons live on the ground and like both grasslands and hillsides. They prey on various small types of … Read More

Baby Warthog newborn

Baby Warthog newborn The new born baby warthog are just a few days old. December is the time of the year that many new born babies from various species are born. This mother has only 2 new babies although sometimes up to 8 babies are born to a sow. The mother carries the babies for about 6 months before they … Read More

Stunning African Sunrise

Stunning African Sunrise The most stunning African sunrise is seen from our reserve, for those who may wish to enjoy the crisp morning air and hear the fish eagle as he welcomes the dawn, creating an ambience not to be missed!     During this time of day the dawn calls to all the wildlife that would now seek to … Read More

Beautiful male Leopard recently spotted

Beautiful male leopard recently seen This magnificent territorial male was recently seen at Leopard Walk Lodge. It is always exciting to spot a leopard as they tend to be very secretive. Their footprints are often encountered but this one was close to the road and stayed watching as I took a few photos. Male leopard have large ranges and they … Read More

Biodiversity from Butterflies to Hyena

Biodiversity from Butterflies to Hyena. The Female yellow Pansie,Female blue Pansie,Male Orange Tip were all fluttering and settling around the Hyena footprints. A short hike brings an amazing opportunity to experience the biodiversity of Leopard Walk Lodge. The warm humid weather is favoured by butterflies that are all out in abundance. In our environment situated in the environs of False … Read More

Rainbow over wildlife reserve

The first rainbow over our wildlife reserve this year. We have welcomed refreshing rain falls mingled with idyllic days of warm sunshine during the past month. With the drought experienced through the Zululand region the rain has brought what appears to be a second spring. The rainbow was a beautiful surprise this morning during a drive out to check on … Read More


PLACES OF INTEREST AND ACTIVITIES  During your visit to Leopard Walk Lodge you will be situated in the environs – and on the boundary – of the magnificent World Natural Heritage Site, The Isimangaliso Wetland Park – False Bay Park.   We are just 5 minutes’ drive to the entrance of this magnificent area and lake.  A short drive will also … Read More

Amazing Camouflage of wildlife

Owl appears to be part of the tree & butterflies & moths sometimes look like an owl. Nature has amazing ways of camouflaging wildlife. This is done to protect the animal from predators. The camouflage us used to either conceal the position or to mimic another species that would not be the natural prey. Common mimics of other species is … Read More

Frog species in our Reserve

Frogs are important indicators of the health of their environments and worldwide, frog populations have been declining markedly. However, recently Sally Reece has identified a large number of frog species in our Reserve. FROGS IDENTIFIED 27/01/14 – 05/02/14: 1.      Red toad 2.      Common Platanna 3.      Forest Tree frog 4.      Guttural toad 5.      Tinker Reed frog 6.      Painted Reed frog 7.      … Read More